The company

GLFO is a family office owned by the Lainati family, specialized in investing in real estate developments in Central and Eastern Europe.
The company was founded in 2009 by Giovanni Lainati (CEO) and to date has interests in 18 projects throughout the Czech Republic, Italy and Poland for a total area of over 1 million square meters.
Founder and CEO Giovanni Lainati’s career is a road map to success, starting from his early experiences leading up his most recent achievements.
In 2009 he created GLFO, a holding company which focuses its investments on the development of offices, commercial spaces and luxury homes.



GLFO mission is to seek new opportunities for growth and investment in the real estate sector throughout Europe, continuing to dialogue with key local real estate operators.
Thanks to its solid track record the company is now opening its business platform to new investors and family offices to become one of the leading operators on the international real estate scene.
GLFO investment philosophy is to participate only in sizable real estate ventures not as developers but with leading local developers, while maintaining a supervisory role over each project.

Streamlined structure

we are not directly involved with the developments hence do not deal with issues such as permitting, design, construction or sales.


We are able to pick the best opportunities which present themselves on the market.

Global mindset Local know how

Our Projects

With close to 20 major developments on the way GLFO is quickly becoming a key player in the world of real estate, both in the construction of new housing complexes and in the reconstruction and renovation of historic buildings in the most luxurious districts of the major cities and leisure capitals of Europe.